4th International Conference of JAMHESIC

11th DIES NATALIS Faculty of Medicine and Health Science Universitas Jambi

“Integrating Medicine, Health Community, and Environment: Unveiling Opportunities In The Emerging Era of Health and Well-Being”

JAMHESIC is an annual international conference organized by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universitas Jambi, Indonesia, which consist of five disciplines such as medicine, nursing, public health, psychology and pharmacy. In an increasingly interconnected and dynamic world, the intercate relationships between medicine, the health community, and the environment have become more evident than ever before. As we stand on the threshold of an emerging era focused on holistic well-being, it is imperative that we explore, understand, and harness the synergies between these three pivotal components.

Conference Topics For Oral or Poster :

  • Medical Sciences.

  • Administration and Health Policy, Epidemiology, Reproductive Health, Health Environment, Health Behaviour and Promotion, Occupational Health, Nutrition.

  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychometry, Entrepreneurshi Psychology.

  • Community Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Maternity Nursing, Management Nursing, Critical Nursing, Surgical, Medical Nursing.

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacologie and Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Biology, Pharmaceutical Technology.

  • Interprofessional Education in Medicine and Health Sciences.

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